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The Scientist Research News Update 12-04-09

The Scientist Research News Update for early December brings about fairly complex research articles with cancer, HIV/AIDS, immunology, and genetic themes. Plus, read up on research that details how scientists revisit an older theory that advocates a role for the immune system in cancer detection and elimination, genetic mutations identified in bacteria occur in a […]

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NIH/NIMH Research News Update 10-17-09

The National Institutes of Health / Mental Health (NIH/NIMH) Research News Update for October 2009 details very interesting and, at times, cutting-edge research. For example, scientists have started to assemble the first Transcriptional Atlas of Human Brain Development, patterns of cerebral “neuronal avalanches” in may be related to mental illness, high tech robots may have […]

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The Scientist Research News Update 5-14-09

I am pleased to announce that The Scientist will be added to our popular “Research News Update” series. Not to be confused with Science Daily that also receives updated coverage here, The Scientist is another great research-based, hardcore science website that I regularly track. The Scientist focuses on genetics, biology, and other public health related […]

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A Novel and Potentially Groundbreaking Viral Theory of Autism and Schizophrenia

Roulette William Smith, Ph.D. details a potentially ground breaking theory that purports to unravel the mystery surrounding the underlying causative factors of autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and a host of other mental and physical illnesses in his paper entitled, “Inferring an Autovirulent Epigenetic Etiology for the Autism Spectrum and Schizophrenia*.” Dr. Smith’s theory originated from […]

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