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Graduate students, researchers, and healthcare professionals who can provide reliable healthcare information are encouraged to contribute original articles. Please Contact Us to participate. You can also get involved by posting comments (no registration necessary) to existing articles – simply post your comment in the comments section at the end of each article.

  Nickname Role Member Since
avatar Alan Fisher, Ph.D. Author|User role July 4, 2009
avatar Barry Sterman, Ph.D. Author|User role July 4, 2009
avatar Belleruth Naparstek, LISW Author|User role May 23, 2010
avatar Carol Lee Hilewick, PhD Author|User role October 20, 2010
avatar Christopher Fisher, PhD Administrator|User role January 6, 2009
avatar Clare Albright, Psy.D. Subscriber|User role February 8, 2010
avatar David Bresler, PhD Author|User role October 23, 2010
avatar Gary Maloney Subscriber|User role February 20, 2010
avatar Gerald Kozlowski, PhD Author|User role June 24, 2012
avatar Jack McIntyre, M.A. Subscriber|User role March 17, 2011
avatar Jacqueline Corcoran, PhD Author|User role October 11, 2010
avatar Jason Fisher, D.O. Author|User role April 17, 2010
avatar John Davis, Ph.D. Subscriber|User role February 9, 2010
avatar Jonathon Larson, L.C.P.C. Contributor|User role August 27, 2009
avatar Marc Saab, MEng Author|User role May 31, 2009
avatar Mark Johnson, PhD Author|User role February 8, 2009
avatar Marvin Berman, Ph.D. Subscriber|User role September 6, 2009
avatar Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Author|User role May 7, 2010
avatar Robert Thatcher, Ph.D. Author|User role October 18, 2009
avatar Roulette William Smith, Ph.D. Author|User role March 20, 2009
avatar Stephen Elliott Author|User role August 8, 2009
avatar Steven Kassel, MFT Contributor|User role July 31, 2009
avatar Thomas Collura, Ph.D. Author|User role September 4, 2009

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