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The Scientist Research News Update 10-19-09

newspaper_genericThe Scientist Research News Update series was created to give our readers a sample of ongoing genetics and hardcore science research and trends, and today’s 10-19-09 update certainly fills the bill. Read on to find out more about how late nights and irregular sleep might contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s, researchers translate complex genetic processes into music, small amounts of stress may actually prevent cancer, DHEA may play a role in superior performance under stress, and bacterium that infects mosquitoes and other insects may stunt the spread of devastating human diseases in future medicine. Also check out new research that suggests a possible viral cause of chronic fatigue and prostate cancer, which will not surprise those who read the article, “A Novel and Potentially Groundbreaking Viral Theory of Autism and Schizophrenia.

Here are The Scientist Research News Updates for 10-19-09:



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