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health & wellness through psychological science

health & wellness through psychological science

About: BMED Report

The Behavioral Medicine Report (BMED Report) publishes articles on new and informative developments from the world of psychology, health and behavior, neuroscience, medicine, electromedicine, immunology, genetics, and psychophysiology, including quantitative EEG (QEEG), neurofeedback, and biofeedback with a strong emphasis on empirically validated information and research. Relevant research/science-based news and important clinician resources receive considerable attention. Last, BMED Report regularly republishes (with permission) select journal articles and book chapters. Our primary mission is to provide unique and reliable biopsychosocial health-related information to the general public and healthcare professionals.

To accomplish these goals, BMED Report contributors track national and international research developments. Articles are presented primarily in two formats: (1) research awareness and (2) original reviews of research. “Research awareness” articles typically originate from media press releases, scientific announcements, and other news sources (with source credit) that provide targeted and summarized information about breaking health-related news, often in advance of peer reviewed scientific publication. Research awareness articles receive additional critical review and editing by our contributors, including the inclusion of related images, videos, download links, resources, and references. These articles are not designed to be comprehensive in their scope, but rather to provide the reader with summarized health-related news and ways to follow up on interested topics. Original contributor reviews are exclusive articles that discuss published and unpublished scientific journal articles, research, books, and more.

About: Contributors

To view the profile of our authors and other contributors, please visit our Contributors page.

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