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The Behavioral Medicine Report Turns 1 Year Old!

birthday_cakeJuly 2009 came and went without the realization that The Behavioral Medicine Report turned 1 year old during this time! July 13th to be specific. Over the past year, we witnessed increased readership each month, the addition of several new authors and contributors, the 100th article milestone, and a publishing deal with NeuroConnections. Moreover, BMED Report is now perused by thousands of visitors. Not a bad first year.

My hope is that our readership continues to grow exponentially over the next year. Another major goal is to recruit additional authors to help post new articles. As I transition from my graduate student role to a licensed psychologist next year (hopefully!), it will more and more difficult to maintain the website without significant help. If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to Contact Us. I plan to share advertising revenues with our authors if BMED Report continues to expand and advertisers start to purchase ad space; hence, enterprising graduate students and healthcare professionals could eventually receive extra monthly income for their efforts. Of course, all authors also get free advertising through our User Community. But enough business talk…………..

Happy Birthday to the Behavioral Medicine Report!!


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