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New Writers and Commenters Wanted At The Behavioral Medicine Report!

typing_a_keyboardThe Behavioral Medicine Report seeks to recruit numerous qualified writers/commenters to contribute to this website! I have developed this site on my own for most of the past year, and our readership continues to grow at very steady pace. I alone cannot keep up with the vast amount of important health psychology and behavioral medicine related research; hence, other writers will need to get involved to take the The Behavioral Medicine Report to the next level. The inclusion of others’ perspectives will also help this website become even more diverse and interesting to our readers.

Additionally, I plan to open up comments (which has been previously closed) to our reports to select persons. Even comments will need to be based on available research as I want to maintain our evidenced-based focus. A little tedious I know, but The Behavioral Medicine Report does not want to contribute to the spread of misinformation about healthcare found all over the internet. See the end of this article for more detailed information about the writer/commenter roles.

A little more about the roles of writer and commenter:

A primary goal will be to maintain a high level of quality writing that our readers have come to expect. Therefore, we seek graduate psychology, counseling, and medical students and licensed healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, rehab specialists, etc.) to become writers and/or commenters. If you have good written skills and enjoy writing about or commenting on healthcare research, please use the Contact Us page to email us your interest.

As a writer, you will select research articles, books to review, science research news, or interesting/useful clinician resources of your interest as long as they are consistent with our primary mission. In short, the specific topic and length is up to you, and you can write as frequently (or infrequently) as your schedule allows. Writers will be given commenting privileges too. Your biography will also be published in the About Us section.

If you want to participate on this website, but do not have the time to write full articles, then you should consider becoming a commenter. As a commenter you can comment on our stories (similar to traditional blogs). Comments must be based on available research evidence; otherwise if your comment is based on clinical experience or an outright opinion, then you must state this in your comment.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.


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