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Excellent Free Resource: Adolescent Health E-Book

adolescent_health_ebook_coverWe recently filed a report about The British Medical Association’s Early Life Nutrition and Lifelong Health E-Book. This same organization publishes a free health and nutrition e-book geared toward adolescents, appropriately titled “Adolescent Health.” Adolescence can be challenging time for some, while not as turbulent for others. Poor health and nutrition, however, can make life difficult at any age, and the current obesity epidemic covered elsewhere on this website is a major public health concern with this age group. “Adolescent Health” is geared toward healthcare professionals, but parents may also find this to be a valuable resource. A link to this free evidence-based resource is available at the end of this report.

Adolescent Health addresses important healthcare and psychosocial topics, such exercise, nutrition, obesity, substance abuse, and mental and sexual health in about 65 pages. The authors also emphasize the important of educating our youth, as well as provide guidance on appropriate healthcare treatments with an emphasis on early intervention.

Download Adolescent Health from the British Medical Association here.



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