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An Introduction to EEG Phenotypes (Part 1)

Researchers* recently proposed the existence of numerous EEG phenotypes. EEG phenotypes were derived through Johnston, Gunkelman, & Lunt’s (2005) extensive clinical experience and the observation that similar EEG patterns recur in persons with different psychological disorders. EEG phenotypes are a useful method of EEG pattern categorization that requires visual inspection the raw EEG, and often, […]

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“Electrophysiology of the Neuron” Book and Computer Software Now Open Access!

Stanford University recently announced that the classic textbook, “Electrophysiology of the Neuron” (Oxford University Press) is now freely available as an open access PDF book. You can also download the companion computer software for free! Great coverage of the all important action potential and other vital cell properties and functions are provided in about 80 […]

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New Recommended Books Section

Just a quick post to alert our readers to the new Recommended Books section of this website. The goal is the create the ultimate Health Psychology / Medical Psychology / Behavioral Medicine book list. Hopefully many books will eventually receive formal reviews. Only books that we have personally read or are well thought of by […]

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an unhappy child

Biofeedback Applications for Tension-Type Headache: Results of a Meta-Analysis

Nestoriuc, Rief, & Martin (2008)* conducted a meta-analysis of biofeedback applications for tension-type headache (TTH). A meta-analysis combines data from published studies that meet inclusion criteria to increase statistical power and the ability to detect a statistically meaningful treatment effect, often expressed as an “effect size.” The researchers provide an overview of TTH and report […]

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Coherent Breathing And Mental/Physical Health (Part 1)

Breathing is something so simple and basic that people seldom give it any thought. The importance of proper breathing should not be underestimated.  Believe it or not, your breathing style significantly impacts how you feel, think, and act.  In fact, researchers* have identified 6 distinctive breathing styles.  Today’s post will cover the “incoherent breathing style.” […]

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