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Figure 1: The "Eye Bridge"

The Six Bridges, Body I/O, and Conscious Influence Over Autonomic Function

In 2004, I introduced the concept of the “bridge.” Since that time, this author and others have been working with bridges to understand their significance in facilitating conscious influence of the body/mind. Humans, in fact vertebrate life in general, interact with the environment via fifteen bodily functions or “interfaces”. These input/output functions include the eyes, […]

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games that require intuition

(In)Accurate Intuition Is Related To Physiological Changes In The Body

When faced with decisions, we often follow our intuition – our self-described “gut feelings” – without understanding why. Our ability to make hunch decisions varies considerably: Intuition can either be a useful ally or it can lead to costly and dangerous mistakes. A new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for […]

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