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Figure 1: The "Eye Bridge"

The Six Bridges, Body I/O, and Conscious Influence Over Autonomic Function

In 2004, I introduced the concept of the “bridge.” Since that time, this author and others have been working with bridges to understand their significance in facilitating conscious influence of the body/mind. Humans, in fact vertebrate life in general, interact with the environment via fifteen bodily functions or “interfaces”. These input/output functions include the eyes, […]

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Figure 4: Spurious heart rate in the absence of rhythmic respiration

COHERENCE – The Big Picture

In physics, “coherence” is a complex measure of wave phenomena. Specifically, its a measure of the correlation between all of the physical properties of waves, e.g., amplitude, phase, and frequency. If two perfectly “coherent” waves collide, waves that are exact in every respect, they will negate each other perfectly, this “stationary interference” being proof positive […]

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Ellen Breathing With Group

From Sudan – A Story of Coherent Breathing and PTSD

From the Coherence Newsletter, written by guest contributor Ellen Ratner, White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief for The Talk Radio News Service, author, and Fox News contributor. In March 2008, I along with other talk show hosts, was invited by Christian Solidarity International to visit Sudan on a humanitarian mission. Being very impressed with their […]

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An Introduction To Coherent Breathing

It has been known for thousands of years that breathing is key to health, performance, and longevity. We are just beginning to understand why − breathing has much to do with “circulation,” both quantity and quality. Typically, when we are at rest, blood in the body circulates once each minute; when we are exercising this […]

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