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The Brain From Top To Bottom – An Excellent Free Online Resource

Anatomy of the human BrainThe human central nervous system, particularly the brain, is marvelously integrated and complex. Professionals and students alike may find mastery of clinical neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to be a difficult task. That is why I want to share a fantastic website I recently discovered called “The Brain From Top To Bottom.” Check the end of this report for a link to visit this free internet resource.

The Brain From Top To Bottom covers a diverse range of human central nervous system (CNS) related topics, such as basic and complex anatomy, evolution, memory, emotions, sleep, and mental disorders. The website design is beautiful with excellent organization of material, as well as a huge number of links to internal and external resources. There are also loads of full color illustrations and graphs.

What makes this website unique is that it allows you customize the presentation of material (descriptive text and visual guides) through the two menus labeled “Level of Explanation” and “Level of Organization.” The “Level of Explanation” contains 3 levels that include beginner, intermediate (default), and advanced, while the “Level of Organization” provides social, psychological, neurological, cellular, and molecular perspectives of the material. As you can see, these features help the website to adapt to your training discipline, experience level, and specific learning needs.

For example, a student enrolled in an introductory psychology course might select “basic, psychological,” while the experienced neuropsychologist could select “advanced, neurological.” How cool is that?


Visit McGill University’s The Brain From Top To Bottom – a truly excellent free online resource.

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