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new method of Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Adapted MRI Scan Improves The Picture Of Changes To The Brain

Standard MRI scans have so far been unable to produce satisfactory images of nerve bundles. However, this is now possible by an MRI technique called Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI). Matthan Caan succeeded in improving the DTI method during his PhD research at Delft University of Technology, enabling him to produce more accurate images of the […]

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Anatomy of the human Brain

The Brain From Top To Bottom – An Excellent Free Online Resource

The human central nervous system, particularly the brain, is marvelously integrated and complex. Professionals and students alike may find mastery of clinical neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to be a difficult task. That is why I want to share a fantastic website I recently discovered called “The Brain From Top To Bottom.” Check the end of this […]

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