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children playing soccer

Boys Who Participate In Sports Benefit From Improved Cognitive, Emotional, And Behavioral Well-Being And Decreased Aggression

We know that physical education teaches children about fitness and encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher has statistical evidence that sports participation is also beneficial to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral well-being. The research was recently presented at TAU’s Renata Adler Memorial Research Center for Child Welfare […]

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a young child outdoors hiding her face

Childhood Self-Control Predicts Adult Health (And Wealth)

A long-term study has found that children who scored lower on measures of self-control as young as age 3 were more likely to have health problems, substance dependence, financial troubles, and a criminal record by the time they reached age 32, according to an international research team led by Duke University psychologists Terrie Moffitt and […]

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