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Rubber Hand Illusion

Rubber Hand Illusion Shows That People With Schizophrenia Have Weakened Sense Of Body Ownership

A study using a procedure called the rubber hand illusion has found striking new evidence that people experiencing schizophrenia have a weakened sense of body ownership and has produced the first case of a spontaneous, out-of-body experience in the laboratory. These findings suggest that movement therapy, which trains people to be focused and centered on […]

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Contrast used in the illusion

2011 Best Illusion Of The Year Contender, ‘Grouping By Contrast Illusion,’ Demonstrates Importance Of Contrast In Visual Perception

Gestalt psychology contends that the human brain organizes what the eyes see based on traits such as similarity, common background, and proximity. But a new illusion that took second place in the 2011 Best Illusion of the Year Contest — a competition held annually by the Neural Correlate Society — illustrates that our brains can […]

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Researcher Jason Watson, University of Utah

People With High Working Memory Capacity Perform Best In The Monkey Business Illusion

University of Utah psychologists have learned why many people experience “inattention blindness” – the phenomenon that leaves drivers on cell phones prone to traffic accidents and makes a gorilla invisible to viewers of a famous video. Included in this report is the now famous Monkey Business Illusion video utilized in this research.

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