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Deep Brain Stimulation

Neurotransmitters Tracked Real-Time During Deep Brain Stimulation With New Groundbreaking Technique

Mayo Clinic researchers have found a novel way to monitor real-time chemical changes in the brains of patients undergoing deep brain stimulation (DBS). The groundbreaking insight will help physicians more effectively use DBS to treat brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, depression, and Tourette syndrome. Included in this report is a video summary of the […]

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sample from cell treated with medication

New Drug Could Cure Nearly Any Viral Infection

Most bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics such as penicillin, discovered decades ago. However, such drugs are useless against viral infections, including influenza, the common cold, and deadly hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. Now, in a development that could transform how viral infections are treated, a team of researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory has […]

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Ambulatory monitoring of panic attacks

Out-Of-The-Blue Panic Attacks Are Not Without Warning – The Body Sends Signals For An Hour Before

Panic attacks that seem to strike sufferers out-of-the-blue are not without warning after all, according to new research. A study based on 24-hour monitoring of panic sufferers while they went about their daily activities captured panic attacks as they happened and discovered waves of significant physiological instability for at least 60 minutes before patients’ awareness […]

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damaged neurons

Bioengineers Identify The Cellular Mechanisms Of Traumatic Brain Injury With New Potential Treatment Implications

Bioengineers at Harvard have identified, for the very first time, the mechanism for diffuse axonal injury and explained why cerebral vasospasm is more common in blast-induced brain injuries than in brain injuries typically suffered by civilians. The research addresses two major aspects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with significant implications for the medical treatment of […]

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anti-depressant medication

Patients Who Use Anti-Depressant Medication Are More Likely To Suffer Relapse

Patients who use anti-depressants are much more likely to suffer relapses of major depression than those who use no medication at all, concludes a McMaster researcher. In a paper that is likely to ignite new controversy in the hotly debated field of depression and medication, evolutionary psychologist Paul Andrews concludes that patients who have used […]

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man in wheelchair

Researchers Restore Breathing After Spinal Cord Injury In Rodent

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine bridged a spinal cord injury and biologically regenerated lost nerve connections to the diaphragm, restoring breathing in an adult rodent model of spinal cord injury. The work, which restored 80 to more than 100 percent of breathing function, will be published in the online issue of […]

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