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Increased Prevalence Of Conduct Disorder Associated With Migration From Mexico To The United States

The prevalence of conduct disorder (CD) appears to have increased substantially across generations of the Mexican-origin population after migration to the United States, however this increase was observed more for nonaggressive than aggressive symptoms of CD, according to a report in the December issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. The […]

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Researcher Timothy Wilens, MD

Long-Term Study Data Supports Association Between Childhood ADHD And Substance Abuse Risk

Analysis of data from two long-term studies of the impact of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on the development of psychiatric disorders in young adults confirms that ADHD alone significantly increases the risk of cigarette smoking and substance abuse in both boys and girls. The report from a team of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators will […]

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MRI of the human amygdala

Brain Scans Find Differences In Brain Structure Of Teenagers With Severe Antisocial Behavior

Brain scans of aggressive and antisocial teenage boys with conduct disorder (CD) have revealed differences in the structure of the developing brain that could link to their behavior problems. The study, funded jointly by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, reveals that the brain differences were present regardless of the age of onset […]

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Adolescents Exposed To Alcohol In First Trimester Are At Higher Risk For Conduct Disorder

Alcohol use during pregnancy is common and is associated with significant threats to the health and development of exposed offspring. Despite warnings from the Surgeon General to limit alcohol use if pregnant or contemplating pregnancy, a recent survey by the National Birth Defects Prevention Study (1) found that nearly one-third of women drank alcohol at […]

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Majority Of Adolescents With Severe Mental Disorders Have Never Received Treatment

A recent study by Merikangas and colleagues published in the January 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) shows that only half of adolescents that are affected with severely impairing mental disorders ever receive treatment for their disorders. Included in this report is link to a podcast […]

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Certain Psychiatric Disorders Linked With Risky Sexual Behavior In Teens

Although research has shown that teens with mental health disorders are more likely to engage in high risk sexual behaviors, like unprotected sex, a new study from the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center suggests there is an additional risk associated with certain psychiatric diagnoses. The findings were recently published in the Journal of Consulting and […]

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