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behavioral therapy with a patient

Frontline Workers’ Resistance To Evidence-Based Practice In Substance Abuse Treatment: Some Good Reasons

Over the past decade, prominent federal substance abuse agencies have put a great deal of effort toward ensuring that evidence-based practice (EBP) is being utilized in the treatment of addiction. This effort was galvanized by a 1998 report from the Institute of Medicine calling for improvements in healthcare, which included the implementation of practices proven […]

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women with a headache

Placebo Effect Leads To Substantial Headache Recovery Rate

Headache is a very common complaint with over 90% of all persons experiencing a headache at some time in their lives. Headaches commonly are tension-type (TTH) or migraine. They have high socioeconomic impact and can disturb most daily activities. Treatments range from pharmacologic to behavioral interventions. In a study published online today in the Journal […]

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pregnant mom

Mind-Body Therapies Increase Pregnancy Rates In Women Who Undergo In Vitro Fertilization

There is no doubt that undergoing infertility treatment is stressful with high rates of anxiety and depression reported by many patients. Mind-body therapies designed to help women reduce stress earlier in the treatment process result in higher pregnancy rates, but little is known specifically about the impact of these therapies on women undergoing in vitro […]

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Researcher Marcia Valenstein, M.D., M.S

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Depression Helps Patients With Diabetes Improve Overall Health

Frequently, depression and diabetes go hand in hand. And depression can be a major obstacle for people living with diabetes, making it less likely they’ll stick to a medicine schedule or exercise regimen. A team of researchers led by investigators at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and the University of Michigan Health System worked […]

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front cover of report

Medical And Behavioral Treatments Show Promise To Reduce Autism-Related Behaviors

Some medical and behavioral treatments show promise for reducing certain behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), but more research is needed to assess the potential benefits and harms, according to a new report funded by HHS’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The research results were published online in the journal Pediatrics. Check the […]

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Researcher Melissa McPheeters, Ph.D.

Review Of Autism Treatments Show Need For New Tools To Target Correct Therapy To Specific Children

Vanderbilt researchers evaluating existing treatments for children with autism spectrum disorders found although there were positive results in some studies, there is little information to target the right treatments to specific children. Findings from the three review articles, which examined research conducted between 2000 and May 2010 on children ages 12 and younger, were released […]

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hand washing

The Assessment And Treatment Of Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often diagnosed too late in children and adolescents. In the current issue of Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, Susanne Walitza and her colleagues point out that appropriate early recognition and treatment can positively affect the course of the disease. The publisher made the original journal article available at no cost for unknown length […]

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