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childhood bully

Children With Behavior Problems Are More Likely To Have Thoughts Of Suicide

Children who show early signs of problem behavior are more likely to have thought of killing or harming themselves, suggests new research in the latest issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health. Past research indicates that about 20 percent of adolescents have suicidal ideation, which includes having thoughts of suicide or some level of suicide […]

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People Who Take Vitamins And Other Supplements May Engage In Riskier Behaviors

The lack of evidence on multivitamin health benefits is no impediment to their widespread popularity, with over half the U.S. population popping such pills. This translates into a $27 billion industry, which lures consumers with the illusory promise of better health. But shocking new research suggests taking multivitamins might have the opposite effect – not […]

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neuronal connections

Reward And Penalty Processing Is Widespread In The Human Brain

Our behavior is often guided by the desire to obtain positive outcomes and avoid negative consequences, and neuroscientists have put a great deal of effort into looking for reward and punishment “centers” in the brain. Now, new research published by Cell Press in the October 6 issue of the journal Neuron reveals that neural signals […]

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Little Girl Upset

Researchers Investigate The Paternal Transmission Of Stress To Children In Animal Study

Does Dad’s stress affect his unborn children? According to the results of a new study in Elsevier’s Biological Psychiatry, it seems the answer may be “yes, but it’s complicated”. The risk of developing depression, which is significantly increased by exposure to chronic stress, is influenced by both environment and genetics. The interplay of these two […]

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Bradley Appelhans, PhD

Obesity Counseling Should Focus On Neurobehavioral Processes Rather Than Personal Choice

Current approaches to dietary counseling for obesity are heavily rooted in the notion of personal choice and will power – the ability to choose healthy foods and portion sizes consistent with weight loss while foregoing sweets and comfort foods. According to preventive medicine and behavioral experts at Rush University Medical Center, research supports a new […]

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