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Experiment Shows Brief Meditative Exercise Helps Cognition

Some of us need regular amounts of coffee or other chemical enhancers to make us cognitively sharper. A newly published study suggests perhaps a brief bit of meditation would prepare us just as well. While past research using neuroimaging technology has shown that meditation techniques can promote significant changes in brain areas associated with concentration, […]

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People Make Poor Choices When Armed With More Information

When faced with a choice that could yield either short-term satisfaction or longer-term benefits, people with complete information about the options generally go for the quick reward, according to new research from University of Texas at Austin psychologists. The findings, available online in the journal Judgment and Decision Making, could help better explain the decisions […]

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(click to enlarge) Circules (Credit: Mariano Molina)

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder? Actually, It Is In The Neurons

A novel research project spearheaded by the University of Leicester and part-funded by The Leverhulme Trust aims to shed new light on the way people perceive art. By bringing together an artist and a neuroscientist, both disciplines seek to learn from each other principles of visual perception. In the process of the research, both artist […]

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