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Headaches Are Common In Year Following Traumatic Brain Injury, Especially Among Females

Journal of NeurotraumaRecurring headaches are common during the year following a traumatic brain injury (TBI), regardless of the severity of the TBI, and they tend to occur more often among females and those with a pre-TBI history of headache, according to an article in Journal of Neurotrauma, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. The article is available free online at the link below.

More than 70% of patients who had suffered a TBI reported having headaches during the first year after their injury. This finding is a result of a multi-center study described by Jeanne Hoffman, PhD, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, and a group of colleagues from University of Washington, Craig Hospital (Denver, CO), Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (Dallas), Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond), and Moss Rehab (Philadelphia, PA).

Females and persons with a pre-injury history of headache were significantly more likely to report headache, but there was no statistical link between incidence of post-injury headache and the severity of the TBI.

Material adapted from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers.

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Jeanne M. Hoffman, PhD, Sylvia Lucas, MD, PhD, Sureyya Dikmen, PhD, Cynthia A. Braden, MA, Allen W. Brown, MD, Robert Brunner, MD, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, MD, William C. Walker, MD, Thomas K. Watanabe, MD & Kathleen R. Bell: “Natural History of Headache Following Traumatic Brain Injury,” Journal of Neurotrauma, doi: 10.1089/neu.2011.1914


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