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SAGE Open Launches For Social And Behavioral Scientists

Sage Open website screen shotSAGE recently published its first articles in SAGE Open, the only broad-based open access journal featuring content from the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities. SAGE Opensupports the growing number of authors who require their articles to be freely available on publication, either because of personal preference or because of university or government mandates.

Since the beginning of the year, SAGE Open has received more than 400 submissions from across the whole breadth of the social sciences. Psychological topics include experimental and clinical psychology though only a handful of submissions have been received.

“We’re excited about the launch of SAGE Open and thrilled with the number of authors responding in just four months,” said Jayne Marks, Vice President and Editorial Director for SAGE’s Library Information Group. “The flexibility of the format allows SAGE to explore publishing research from emerging fields and provides a service to authors who are looking for the maximum dissemination of their work.”

Unlike traditional journals, SAGE Open does not limit content due to page budgets or thematic significance. Rather it accepts articles solely on the basis of the quality of the research, evaluating the scientific and research methods of each article for validity.

“We hope SAGE Open‘s launch will help foster the growth of new interdisciplinary research,” said Bob Howard, Executive Director of SAGE’s Social Science journals. “By having a breadth of open access articles in one place, SAGE Open will be a great resource for researchers throughout the social and behavioral sciences and humanities.”

Material adapted from SAGE Publications.

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