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Canadian Diplomats Learn More About Biofeedback

Thought Technology at Medica 2010Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Peter Boehm, and the Canadian High Commissioner to Dusseldorf, Leslie Reissner, paid a visit to the Thought Technology Ltd. booth at Medica, where 137,000 visited for 4 days. Included in this announcement is a video interview with Olivier Jean (short track speed skating gold medalist) and Dr. Pierre Beauchamp (sports psychologist) who discuss the use of biofeedback in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Although the video is obviously produced by Thought Technology to promote their biofeedback devices, it is actually a very interesting demonstration of the use of biofeedback, including neurofeedback, in professional sports.

The Head of PR, Andy Shaw wrote in his opening release on Medica: “Finally, Canada’s most veteran exhibitor at MEDICA, Thought Technology Limited of Montreal, which many consider (and whose clients include a number of major professional soccer and other sport teams) the world’s foremost maker of biofeedback devices, is here with six new products.”

When Dr. Boehm asked how biofeedback and neurofeedback are used, Thought Technology Vice President and co-founder Lawrence Klein could not resist the opportunity to discuss the many uses of his company’s instrumentation. He replied, “The Schulich School of Music at McGill University in Montreal attached our instruments to several of the musicians of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and 50 audience members. They measured heart rate, skin conductance, respiration, muscle tone, etc. and recorded all in Real Time, in order to discover how emotion is conveyed through music.“

Olivier Jean (short track speed skating gold medalist) and Dr. Pierre Beauchamp (sports psychologist) discuss the value of using biofeedback to train for the Vancouver Olympics (2010).

“NASA used these same systems to prepare astronauts in Florida, in a capsule 65 feet under water, for three days, to discover how they adapted to the physical demands of the space capsule.“

Thought Technology Ltd. sales are 95% medical. Its psychophysiology is used in most VA Hospitals in the United States and it has 150 distributors in 55 countries. It has over 80 percent market share in China, where the distributor focuses on applications for school performance problems and rehabilitation. It recently entered into an OEM agreement to integrate their technology onto the Mediwatch pelvic floor platform.

Mr. Klein stated that, “In addition to the medical market, we have a strong presence in professional and elite sports.” Thought Technology’s equipment has been used by a number of leading Olympic Sport Coaches as well as by several professional sports teams who have set up a mental training center where trainers monitor the brainwaves, and six other physical functions of the players after their workouts, so they can regenerate and prepare their skills, mentally!

If after their visit to Medica, the Ambassador to Germany, Peter Boehm, and the Canadian High Commissioner to Dusseldorf, Leslie Reissner would like to learn more about how people around the world are using biofeedback, they can attend the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe’s 15th Annual Conference in Munich in February 22-26, 2011.

Material adapted from Thought Technology.

Contact: Helen Mavros

Editorial Note:
Financial Disclosure: Thought Technology is a valued paid advertiser at BMED Report.

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