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Posting Of New Articles Will Be On Hold For About 3-4 Days While BMED Report Receives Upgraded Webservers

screenshot of bmedreport.comBMED Report has seen excellent growth since our official opening about 1.5 years ago. We continually strive to improve our website and to create the best possible experience for our readers. The time has come for us to upgrade our website servers to modern and scalable “cloud servers.” BMED Report must be physically moved to another location and reconfigured. Although the website and existing articles will remain accessible throughout this entire process, we cannot post new articles until the move is complete. We expect the entire process to take 3-4 days. We apologize in advance for these delays, but we have many great new articles ready to post once this transition is complete!

By the way, these new “cloud servers” are expected to provide lightening fast page load times, the ability to handle larger spikes in traffic, and improved overall reliability. We hope that you enjoy these upgrades in the coming weeks.


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