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A New Look For The Behavioral Medicine Report!

new_bmedreport_photoAfter many weeks of debate and sorting through available options, I finally updated The Behavioral Medicine Report to a fresh, more modern look. I hope that everyone enjoys the new design! This innovative layout is simple, yet clean and professional, and the 3-column design allows for more information to be displayed on each page with less clutter and without overwhelming the reader. I also like the earth tones. There are a few kinks I am still need to work out so you might come across a few small issues. A notable one is that Archives link in the top menu does not work yet; I have contacted the theme developer to help figure out this issue. You can use the Archives menu in the right side bar though. I also want to find a way to integrate the familiar jogging man logo from the old layout. Enjoy!

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    cfisher March 9, 2009 at 1:06 PM #

    I mentioned in the original post some problems with the Archives link in our new layout. All is well now. I fixed the error and installed a handy archive utility that provides a nice overview of all posts grouped by category. Enjoy.

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