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city traffic on a highway

Children With ADHD Are At Increased Risk Of Being Hit When They Cross The Street

Children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at increased risk of being hit by a vehicle when crossing a street according to new research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The findings, published July 25, 2011, in Pediatrics, indicate that children with ADHD do not process information as well as non-ADHD children and tend to […]

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Contrast used in the illusion

2011 Best Illusion Of The Year Contender, ‘Grouping By Contrast Illusion,’ Demonstrates Importance Of Contrast In Visual Perception

Gestalt psychology contends that the human brain organizes what the eyes see based on traits such as similarity, common background, and proximity. But a new illusion that took second place in the 2011 Best Illusion of the Year Contest — a competition held annually by the Neural Correlate Society — illustrates that our brains can […]

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Brain images of spacial distribution

Researchers Explain Exceptional Visual Abilities In Autism

Researchers directed by Dr. Laurent Mottron at the University of Montreal’s Centre for Excellence in Pervasive Development Disorders (CETEDUM) have determined that people with autism concentrate more brain resources in the areas associated with visual detection and identification, and conversely, have less activity in the areas used to plan and control thoughts and actions. This […]

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