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Researcher Andrea Chronis-Tuscano

No Known Link Found Between Food Coloring And ADHD, But Wider Questions And Safety Issues Remain

When University of Maryland psychologist Andrea Chronis-Tuscano testified before a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearing last March, it changed her mind about possible risks of artificial food coloring for children, and drove her to look more closely at the products in her own pantry that she feeds her kids. Chronis-Tuscano walked in to […]

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anti-depressant medication

Researchers Evaluate Criteria To Detect Potentially Inappropriate Medications In Older Hospitalized Patients

Using the Screening Tool of Older Persons’ potentially inappropriate Prescriptions (STOPP) criteria was associated with identification of adverse drug events in older patients, according to a report in the June issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. The article is part of the journal’s Less Is More series.

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front cover of cosmetics study

Cosmetics Can Cause Serious Adverse Effects

Permanent hair dye gives the most serious adverse effects, yet there are also many reactions to facial and body moisturisers. This comes from the first report from the National Register of Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products published by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The original publication is available online for free. The publication is […]

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High Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease For People Exposed To Pesticides Near Workplace

In April 2009, researchers at UCLA announced they had discovered a link between Parkinson’s disease and two chemicals commonly sprayed on crops to fight pests. That epidemiological study did not examine farmers who constantly work with pesticides but people who simply lived near where farm fields were sprayed with the fungicide maneb and the herbicide […]

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medication bottles tipped over

Additional Trials Needed to Assess Pain Drug Safety in Children

Can we be certain that pain medications considered safe for adults based on extensive clinical data and experience are equally safe for use in young children? Pediatric pain experts discussed this question today in a panel session at the American Pain Society (APS) annual scientific meeting and agreed more short term and long-term clinical data […]

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Researcher Leonardo Trasande, MD

Financial Impact Of Toxic Chemicals And Air Pollutants In Children’s Diseases Estimated At $76 Billion Per Year

In three new studies published in the May issue of the journal Health Affairs, Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers reveal the staggering economic impact of toxic chemicals and air pollutants in the environment, and propose new legislation to mandate testing of new chemicals and also those already on the market.

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a pregnant women

Common Home Insecticide Associated With Delayed Mental Development In Young Children

When the EPA phased out the widespread residential use of chlorpyrifos and other organophosphorus (OP) insecticides in 2000-2001 because of risks to child neurodevelopment, these compounds were largely replaced with pyrethroid insecticides. But the safety of these replacement insecticides remained unclear as they had never been evaluated for long-term neurotoxic effects after low-level exposure. Researchers […]

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