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laptop computer

New, Inexpensive Device Provides Visual Computer Control For Those With Physical Disabilities

Millions of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries or amputees could soon interact with their computers and surroundings using just their eyes, thanks to a new device that costs less than £40 (approximately $62.00). Included in this report is a video demonstration of this new device as well as a […]

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a participant involved in the eeg cap study

Brain Cap Technology Turns Thought Into Motion With Potential To Bring Life-Changing Technology To People With Mobile Impairments

“Brain cap” technology being developed at the University of Maryland allows users to turn their thoughts into motion. Associate Professor of Kinesiology José ‘Pepe’ L. Contreras-Vidal and his team have created a non-invasive, sensor-lined cap with neural interface software that soon could be used to control computers, robotic prosthetic limbs, motorized wheelchairs and even digital […]

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man in wheelchair

Researchers Restore Breathing After Spinal Cord Injury In Rodent

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine bridged a spinal cord injury and biologically regenerated lost nerve connections to the diaphragm, restoring breathing in an adult rodent model of spinal cord injury. The work, which restored 80 to more than 100 percent of breathing function, will be published in the online issue of […]

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man in rehab

New Rehabilitation Techniques Help A Man With Paraplegia Achieve Significant Improvements In Mobility

A team of scientists at the University of Louisville, UCLA and the California Institute of Technology has achieved a significant breakthrough in its initial work with a paralyzed male volunteer at Louisville’s Frazier Rehab Institute. It is the result of 30 years of research to find potential clinical therapies for paralysis. The study is published […]

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Preoperative Patient Expectation And Mental Health Plays Important Role In Spine Surgery Outcome

Age, injury, poor posture, or diseases such as arthritis can lead to degeneration of the bones or joints of the cervical spine, causing disc herniation or bone spurs to form. Herniated discs or bone spurs may narrow the canal through which the spinal cord runs or narrow the small openings through which spinal nerve roots […]

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Patient Expectation And Mental Health Significantly Influence Clinical Outcomes For Cervical Spine Surgery

A study performed by researchers at Boulder Neurosurgical Associates and the University of Colorado at Boulder suggests that more optimistic patient expectation and mental health are significant factors that lead to improved clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction scores following cervical spine surgery. The results of this study, The Effects of Preoperative SF-36 Mental Component Summary […]

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