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Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Conscientiousness And A Sense Of Mastery Are Important Predictors Of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem increases during adolescence, then slows in young adulthood, but contrary to popular belief, there is no significant difference between men’s and women’s self-esteem during either of those life phases, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. The publisher made the full-text study available for an unknown length of time; check the end […]

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Researcher Fred Markowitz

The Stigmatizing Attitudes Of Family Can Impede The Recovery Of Mentally Ill Loved-Ones

A new study led by a Northern Illinois University sociologist shows that while family members often provide critical support, they also can sometimes be the source of stigmatizing attitudes that impede the recovery of mentally ill relatives. “Negative attitudes of family members have the potential to affect the ways that mentally ill persons view themselves, […]

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Researcher Brad Bushman

‘Entitled’ Young People Crave Boosts To Self-Esteem Above All Else

Young people may crave boosts to their self-esteem a little too much, new research suggests. Researchers found that college students valued boosts to their self-esteem more than any other pleasant activity they were asked about, including sex, favorite foods, drinking alcohol, seeing a best friend, or even receiving a paycheck. Bushman conducted the research with […]

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