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MECP2 Protein

New Data Uncover Common Molecular Pathways Between Rett Syndrome, Autism, And Schizophrenia

The laboratory of Huda Zoghbi, where the discovery that mutations in the gene MECP2 cause the severe childhood neurological disorder Rett Syndrome was made, has taken yet another step toward unraveling the complex epigenetic functions of this gene, implicated also in cases of autism, bipolar disease and childhood onset schizophrenia. The November 11 issue of […]

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PiB Uptake in the brain

MIT Neuroscientists Develop Promising Treatments That Could Reverse Autism, Mental Retardation, And Alzheimer’s Disease

In his own words, MIT neuroscientist Mark Bear admits he did not “wake up one day and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to cure autism.’” But, after decades of painstaking basic research on how the brain rewires itself in response to external cues, Bear has discovered a way to reverse the symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome, […]

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