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Limic system of the brain

Brain Scans Appear To Show Changes Associated With Violent Behavior And Substance Abuse

A brain imaging study suggests that men with a history of violent behavior may have greater gray matter volume in certain brain areas, whereas men with a history of substance use disorders may have reduced gray matter volume in other brain areas, according to a report published online today by the Archives of General Psychiatry, […]

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scary eyes

Children At Risk For Psychopathy Do Not Register Fear As Quickly As Healthy Children

Psychopaths are charming, but they often get themselves and others in big trouble; their willingness to break social norms and lack of remorse means they are often at risk for crimes and other irresponsible behaviors. One hypothesis on how psychopathy works is that it has to do with a fear deficit. A new study, which […]

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Psychology professor Edelyn Verona, and graduate student Naomi Sadeh (credit - L. Brian Stauffer)

Economic Status And Genetics Together Influence Psychopathic Traits

Researchers studying the genetic roots of antisocial behavior report that children with one variant of a serotonin transporter gene are more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits if they also grow up poor. The study, the first to identify a specific gene associated with psychopathic tendencies in youth, appears this month in the Journal of Abnormal […]

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