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‘Big Picture’ Visual Information Is Processed Abnormally In Body Dysmorphic Disorder

People suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD — a severe mental illness characterized by debilitating misperceptions that one appears disfigured and ugly — process visual information abnormally, even when looking at inanimate objects, according to a new UCLA study. First author Dr. Jamie Feusner, a UCLA assistant professor of psychiatry, and colleagues found that […]

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Neuropsychologist Shows That Some Blind People “See” With Their Ears

Dr. Olivier Collignon of the University of Montreal’s Saint-Justine Hospital Research Centre compared the brain activity of people who can see and people who were born blind, and discovered that the part of the brain that normally works with our eyes to process vision and space perception can actually rewire itself to process sound information […]

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a person receiving nagnetoencephalography

Brain Imaging (MEG) Test Reveals Hyperactive Brain Network Is Responsible For Involuntary Flashbacks In PTSD

United States scientists have found a correlation between increased circuit activity in the right side of the brain and the suffering of involuntary flashbacks by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers. The findings, published today, Thursday 28 October, in IOP Publishing’s Journal of Neural Engineering, reveal a clear difference between the communication circuitry of sufferers and […]

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