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Researcher Jacalyn Duffin

Doctors May See Incomes Rise, Not Fall, When Healthcare Reforms Are Implemented

United States’ doctors might find that their incomes start to rise – not decline – when Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms are put in place says a Queen’s University School of Medicine professor. “The medical-income argument in the United States against moving toward a Canadian-style system is feeble,” says Jacalyn Duffin, a medical doctor who specializes […]

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CNN Announces That Federal Judge Voids The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

We reported back in December that a “Federal Judge Rules Mandated Health Insurance Is Unconstitutional.” Today, another federal judge ruled that the individual mandate clause, which forces most American to purchase health insurance from commercial health insurance providers, is unconstitutional. A CNN video that details these new developments with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care […]

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