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Intermittent, Low-Carbohydrate Diets More Successful Than Standard Dieting, Present Possible Intervention For Breast Cancer Prevention

An intermittent, low-carbohydrate diet was superior to a standard, daily calorie-restricted diet for reducing weight and lowering blood levels of insulin, a cancer-promoting hormone, according to recent findings. Researchers at Genesis Prevention Center at University Hospital in South Manchester, England, found that restricting carbohydrates two days per week may be a better dietary approach than […]

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‘Mediterranean Diet’ Shown To Improve Heart Health, Independent Of Weight Loss

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers has uncovered further evidence of the benefits of a balanced diet that replaces white bread and pasta carbohydrates with unsaturated fat from avocados, olive oil, and nuts — foods typical of the so-called “Mediterranean diet.” In a report prepared for the American Heart Association’s scientific sessions in Orlando next […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Associated With Low Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Death in Women

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle, including not smoking, exercising regularly, having a low body weight and eating a healthy diet, appears to lower the risk of sudden cardiac death in women, according to a study in the July 6 issue of JAMA. The research was conducted by Stephanie E. Chiuve, Sc.D., of Brigham and Women’s Hospital […]

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Strawberries Might Provide A Two-Fisted Assault On Diabetic Complications And Nervous System Disorders

A recent study from scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies suggests that a strawberry a day (or more accurately, 37 of them) could keep not just one doctor away, but an entire fleet of them, including the neurologist, the endocrinologist, and maybe even the oncologist. Investigations conducted in the Salk Institute’s Cellular Neurobiology […]

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Diets That Contain Trans-Fats And Saturated Fats Significantly Increase The Risk Of Depression

Researchers from the Universities of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have demonstrated that the ingestion of trans-fats and saturated fats increase the risk of suffering depression, and that olive oil, on the other hand, protects against this mental illness. The results were published in the online peer reviewed journal PLoS ONE. Check the […]

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Heart Disease Risk Study Challenges Image Of Healthy Mediterranean Diet And Lifestyle

A Spanish study has challenged the long-held belief that people in the Mediterranean all enjoy more healthy diets and lifestyles after discovering alarmingly high cardiovascular risk factors similar to those found in the UK and USA. Research published in the January issue of IJCP, the International Journal of Clinical Practice, also found strong links between […]

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Dietary Habits of Mothers Have The Biggest Influence On Toddlers Eating Healthy

As health professionals search for ways to combat the rise in obesity and promote healthy eating, new research reveals a mother’s own eating habits – and whether she views her child as a ‘picky eater’ – has a huge impact on whether her child consumes enough fruits and vegetables. The research was published recently in […]

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