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meditating outdoors in the sun

Meditation May Help The Brain ‘Turn Down The Volume’ On Distractions

The positive effects of mindfulness meditation on pain and working memory may result from an improved ability to regulate a crucial brain wave called the alpha rhythm. This rhythm is thought to “turn down the volume” on distracting information, which suggests that a key value of meditation may be helping the brain deal with an […]

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a person receiving nagnetoencephalography

Brain Imaging (MEG) Test Reveals Hyperactive Brain Network Is Responsible For Involuntary Flashbacks In PTSD

United States scientists have found a correlation between increased circuit activity in the right side of the brain and the suffering of involuntary flashbacks by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers. The findings, published today, Thursday 28 October, in IOP Publishing’s Journal of Neural Engineering, reveal a clear difference between the communication circuitry of sufferers and […]

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brain image of the human brain

Human Connectome Project Receives $40 Million To Trace Human Brain Connections Via EEG, MEG, and DSI

The National Institutes of Health today awarded grants totaling $40 million to map the human brain’s connections in high resolution. Better understanding of such connectivity promises improved diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. The grants are the first awarded under the Human Connectome Project. They will support two collaborating research consortia. The first will be […]

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MRI image of the brain

Brain Imaging Predicts Patient Response To Antidepressants

In a study of an experimental treatment for major depression, pretreatment testing to probe the function of a specific brain center predicted how patients would respond to ketamine, a medication that can lift depression rapidly in some people. The work suggests it may be possible to develop ways to use such assessments in the future, […]

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MEG Scanner

Brain Imaging (MEG) Studies Help Pinpoint Child Bipolar Circuitry

A series of imaging studies are revealing that the brain works differently in youth with bipolar disorder (BD) than in chronically irritable children who are often diagnosed with pediatric BD. “This suggests that chronically irritable children may suffer from a syndrome distinct from BD and may require different treatments,” said Ellen Leibenluft, M.D., chief of […]

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Mapping Cortical Hubs In Tinnitus Using Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

The current investigation utilized magnetoencephalography to map cortical hubs in tinnitus. Tinnitus is defined as an auditory perception in the absence of any physically identifiable source. Almost everyone will experience some form of auditory phantom perceptions such as tinnitus at least once in their lifetime; in most of the cases this sensation vanishes within seconds […]

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