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bug on the skin

No Objective Evidence Of Skin Infestation Found In Those Diagnosed With Delusional Infestation

Among patients with a diagnosis of delusional skin infestation, neither biopsies nor patient-provided specimens provided objective evidence of skin infestation, according to a report posted online today that will be published in the September issue of Archives of Dermatology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Delusional infestation is a condition in which patients steadfastly yet mistakenly […]

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Researcher John Sheridan

Researchers See A ‘Picture’ Of Threat In The Brain That May Lead To New Model Of Neuroinflammation

A team of researchers is beginning to see exactly what the response to threats looks like in the brain at the cellular and molecular levels. This new information, including the discovery that a model of social stress can increase inflammation among brain cells, should provide new insight into how the stress response affects inflammatory and […]

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Researcher Lynn Pulliam, M.S., Ph.D.

Men And Women With PTSD Have Different Immune System Responses

Men and women had starkly different immune system responses to chronic post-traumatic stress disorder with men showing no response and women showing a strong response, in two studies by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco. While a robust immune response protects the body from foreign invaders, […]

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High Percentage Of Omega-3s In The Blood May Boost Risk Of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The largest study ever to examine the association of dietary fats and prostate cancer risk has found what is good for the heart may not be good for the prostate. Analyzing data from a nationwide study involving more than 3,400 men, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that men with the highest blood […]

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