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Researcher Art Kramer

Researchers Can Predict Your Video Game Aptitude By Imaging Your Brain

Researchers report that they can predict “with unprecedented accuracy” how well you will do on a complex task such as a strategic video game simply by analyzing activity in a specific region of your brain. The findings, published in the online journal PLoS ONE, offer detailed insights into the brain structures that facilitate learning, and […]

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physician recommendations in healthcare

Benefits Of Increased Health Care Transparency Hinge On Reliable And Valid Information

In a policy paper released today the American College of Physicians reaffirmed its support for increased health care transparency. Healthcare Transparency – Focus on Price and Clinical Performance Information, the first paper in a series of policy papers about transparency, is an introduction and overview of the issues and challenges faced with increased health care […]

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Researcher Sian Beilock

Psychologist Uses Brain Scans To Show Why Some Fail Under Pressure – And How To Avoid It

A star golfer misses a critical putt; a brilliant student fails to ace a test; a savvy salesperson blows a key presentation. Each of these people has suffered the same bump in mental processing: They have just choked under pressure. It is tempting to dismiss such failures as “just nerves.” But to University of Chicago […]

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