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Researcher Eivind Ystrom

Alcohol Dependence Disorder Has Strong Genetic Influences And Relatively High Diagnostic Reliability

Compared to other common psychiatric disorders, the diagnostic reliability of alcohol dependence (AD) as determined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) is relatively high. However, when members of the general public are asked to report on past experiences or lifetime history (LTH) of psychiatric or substance use disorders, […]

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Strand of DNA

Next-Generation Gene Sequencing Identifies Gene-Causing Mutation In New Syndrome

Harnessing the new generation of rapid, highly accurate gene-sequencing techniques, a research team has identified the disease-causing mutation in a newly characterized rare genetic disease, by analyzing DNA from just a few individuals. The power and speed of the innovative bioinformatics tool marks a step toward personalized genomics —discovering causative mutations in individual patients.

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Paul Worley, M.D.

Researchers Create New Mouse Model Of Autism

In an effort to unravel the tangled biology of autism, Johns Hopkins scientists have created a mouse model that mimics a human mutation of a gene known to be associated with autism spectrum disorders. Experiments with the engineered mouse reveal a molecular mechanism by which mutations of the gene named Shank3 affect the brain and […]

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Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Diagnosed Autism Is More Common In Information-Technology (IT)-Rich Regions

A new study from Cambridge University has for the first time found that autism diagnoses are more common in an IT-rich region. The Medical Research Council (MRC) funded study, published today in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, has important implications for service provision in different regions and for the ‘hyper-systemizing’ theory of autism.

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illustration of a genetic mutation

Family Genetic Research Reveals The Speed Of Human Mutation

A team of researchers have discovered that, on average, thirty mutations are transmitted from each parent to their child, revising previous estimations and revolutionizing the timescale we use to calculate the number of generations separating us from other species. “Your genome, or genetic code, is made up of six billion pieces of information, called nucleotides,” […]

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neuronal pathways

Autism Study Validates Importance Of Spontaneous Causal Mutations And Sheds New Light On Gender Skew

A clinically extensive and mathematically powerful study of 1000 families with one autistic child and one unaffected sibling has validated a controversial theory of autism’s complex genetic causation. The study for the first time estimates the minimum number of locations in the human genome – 250 to 300 – where gene copy number variation (CNV) […]

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