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Amy Przeworski PhD

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Can Interfere With Life And Endanger The Health Of Social Relationships

Most people worry from time to time. A new research study, led by a Case Western Reserve University faculty member in psychology, also shows that worrying can be so intrusive and obsessive that it interferes in the person’s life and endangers the health of social relationships. Many of these people suffer from what is called […]

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an fmri showing the amygdala within the brain

Brain Activity Patterns In Anxiety-Prone People Suggest Deficits In Handling Fear

Anxiety as a personality trait appears to be linked to the functioning of two key brain regions involved in fear and its suppression, according to an NIMH-funded study. Differences in how these two regions function and interact may help explain the wide range of symptoms seen in people who have anxiety disorders. The study was […]

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Massage__roses_stock (credit: Thomas Wanhoff)

Randomized Clinical Trial Shows That Massage Significantly Eases Anxiety, But Is No Better Than Simple Relaxation

A new randomized trial shows that on average, three months after receiving a series of 10 massage sessions, patients had half the symptoms of anxiety. This improvement resembles that previously reported with psychotherapy, medications, or both. But the trial, published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, also found massage to be no more effective than […]

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male who looks concerned

People With Anxiety Disorder Are Less Able To Regulate Their Response To Negative Emotions

People with generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, have abnormalities in the way their brain unconsciously controls emotions. That’s the conclusion of a new Stanford University School of Medicine study, and the study authors say the findings could open up new avenues for treatments and change our understanding of how emotion is regulated in everyday life. […]

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Brain Scans Show Distinctive Patterns In People With Generalized Anxiety Disorder In Stanford Study

Scrambled connections between the part of the brain that processes fear and emotion and other brain regions could be the hallmark of a common anxiety disorder, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. The findings could help researchers identify biological differences between types of anxiety disorders as well as such […]

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