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Street Drugs Speed And Ecstasy Associated With Higher Risk Of Depression In Teenagers

A five year study conducted with thousands of local teenagers by University of Montreal researchers reveals that those who used speed (meth/ampthetamine) or ecstasy (MDMA) at fifteen or sixteen years of age were significantly more likely to suffer elevated depressive symptoms the following year. The student results were published in Journal of Epidemiology & Community […]

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Researcher Ronald Cowan, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Illegal Rave Drug, Ecstasy, Associated With Chronic, Potentially Negative Changes In Brain Function

Ecstasy – the illegal “rave” drug that produces feelings of euphoria and emotional warmth – has been in the news recently as a potential therapeutic. Clinical trials are testing Ecstasy in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But headlines like one in Time magazine’s health section in February – “Ecstasy as therapy: have some […]

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