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mindfulness mediation

Meditation May Be A Powerful Mental Exercise That Produces Positive Age-Related Change In The Brain

Two years ago, researchers at UCLA found that specific regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger and had more gray matter than the brains of individuals in a control group. This suggested that meditation may indeed be good for all of us since, alas, our brains shrink naturally with age. Now, a follow-up […]

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children playing soccer

Boys Who Participate In Sports Benefit From Improved Cognitive, Emotional, And Behavioral Well-Being And Decreased Aggression

We know that physical education teaches children about fitness and encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher has statistical evidence that sports participation is also beneficial to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral well-being. The research was recently presented at TAU’s Renata Adler Memorial Research Center for Child Welfare […]

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a brain with electricity shooting off

Speaking More Than One Language Can Bolster Brain Function

Once likened to a confusing tower of Babel, speaking more than one language can actually bolster brain function by serving as a mental gymnasium, according to researcher Judith Kroll, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Penn State. Kroll went on to state that these findings counter previous conclusions that bilingualism hindered cognitive development.

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a bottle of beet juice used in the study

Daily Dose Of Beet Juice Promotes Brain Health In Older Adults

Researchers for the first time have shown that drinking beet juice can increase blood flow to the brain in older adults – a finding that could hold great potential for combating the progression of dementia. The research findings are available online in Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, the peer-reviewed journal of the Nitric Oxide Society […]

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Paul Swingle PhD

Paul Swingle Travels The World To Discuss Neurofeedback And Optimal Performance Training

After wrapping up a successful summer workshop in Vancouver, Canada, renowned psychologist and author Dr. Paul G. Swingle, heads to Denver, Houston and Munich to speak on his QuickQ and BrainDryvr method for diagnosing and treating his patients. He also explains the concept of Biofeedback Optimal Performance Training and how it can help CEOs, athletes […]

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Human Brain Power

The Latest Findings On Improving The Mind And Stopping Memory Loss

The ability to remember is not just to glimpse into the past; a sharp memory can help with creativity, productivity and even the ability to imagine the future, according to several psychologists. Sleep, aging and brain chemistry research were all discussed during several presentations on memory at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological […]

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