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People Who Take Vitamins And Other Supplements May Engage In Riskier Behaviors

The lack of evidence on multivitamin health benefits is no impediment to their widespread popularity, with over half the U.S. population popping such pills. This translates into a $27 billion industry, which lures consumers with the illusory promise of better health. But shocking new research suggests taking multivitamins might have the opposite effect – not […]

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a healthy, slim waste line

In-Person And Phone Counseling Help Patients Lose Weight And Keeping It Off

Obese patients enrolled in a weight-loss program delivered over the phone by health coaches and with website and physician support lost weight and kept it off for two years, according to new Johns Hopkins research. The program was just as effective as another weight-loss program that involved in-person coaching sessions. A report on the research […]

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a pregnant women

Extreme Morning Sickness Could Lead To Lifelong Emotional And Behavioral Disorders In Children, Such As Depression And Bipolar Disorder

An extreme form of pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) takes a heavy toll on thousands of women each year and can lead to hospitalization and pregnancy termination. But new research suggests pregnant women are not the only victims. A joint study by UCLA and the University of Southern California has found […]

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Bradley Appelhans, PhD

Obesity Counseling Should Focus On Neurobehavioral Processes Rather Than Personal Choice

Current approaches to dietary counseling for obesity are heavily rooted in the notion of personal choice and will power – the ability to choose healthy foods and portion sizes consistent with weight loss while foregoing sweets and comfort foods. According to preventive medicine and behavioral experts at Rush University Medical Center, research supports a new […]

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Alcohol and Cigar

New National Report Shows Differences In Types And Levels Of Substance Use And Mental Illness Problems

A new report providing state-by-state analyses of a wide range of behavioral health issues reveals that despite some wide variations among the states in the types and levels of problems they confront – every state must deal with these issues.  For example, among those aged 12 and older, Iowa had less than half the current […]

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Lauren Hale, Ph.D.

No Lasting Impacts On Cognitive And Behavioral Outcomes From Early Parent-Child Bedsharing

A study led by Lauren Hale, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, Stony Brook University School of Medicine, concludes that there do not appear to be any negative associations between bedsharing in toddlerhood and children’s behavior and cognition at age 5. The study examines the predictors and consequences of mother-child bedsharing at 1, 2, and […]

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