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a bright idea

The Nature Of Change In Aging And Changing Brains

As we get older, our cognitive abilities change, improving when we’re younger and declining as we age. Scientists posit a hierarchical structure within which these abilities are organized. There’s the “lowest” level — measured by specific tests, such as story memory or word memory; the second level, which groups various skills involved in a category […]

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Depression And Chronic Stress Accelerates Aging

People with recurrent depression or those exposed to chronic stress exhibits shorter telomeres in white blood cells. This is shown by a research team at Umeå University in a coming issue of Biological Psychiatry. The telomere is the outermost part of the chromosome. With increasing age, telomeres shorten, and studies have shown that oxidative stress […]

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Study Reveals Brain Differences Between Humans And Chimpanzees Linked To Aging

Chimpanzees, the closest living relatives to humans, do not experience a decrease in brain volume as they age like humans do, according to a study by George Washington University researcher Chet Sherwood and his colleagues. There are many similarities between the species, but this discovery reveals an important distinction, demonstrating how humans are unique from […]

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Senior Citizen with a glass of wine

Neuroimaging Helps To Illuminate The Secret To Successful Aging

Whether we choose to accept or fight it, the fact is that we will all age, but will we do so successfully? Aging successfully has been linked with the “positivity effect”, a biased tendency towards and preference for positive, emotionally gratifying experiences. New research published in Biological Psychiatry now explains how and when this effect […]

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Randy Nelson, PhD

New Research Helps Explain ‘Sundowning,’ A Puzzling Anxiety Syndrome In Elderly Patients With Dementia

New research provides the best evidence to date that the late-day anxiety and agitation sometimes seen in older institutionalized adults, especially those with dementia, has a biological basis in the brain. The findings could help explain “sundowning” – a syndrome in which older adults show high levels of anxiety, agitation, general activity, and delirium in […]

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