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High School Drop-Outs Have An Increased Risk for Methamphetamine Abuse

This review covers an open access article* that investigates prevalence rates of adult non-medical (illicit) methamphetamine use. Check the end of this post for a link to download a free PD of the original journal article. This is truly a sad topic because chronic methamphetamine use can lead to not only major physical health problems, […]

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Learn How to Make Sense of Health Statistics

A freely available PDF article entitled, Helping Doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health Statistics, may be a great resource for those confused or intimidated by common health-related statistical terms. For example, try to define survival rate, positive predictive value, sensitivity, and specificity. Check the article* to see if your definitions are accurate. You might […]

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Bottled Water Quality May Be No Better or Even Worse than Public Tap Water

An in-depth investigation by the Environment Working Group* (EWP) revealed that 10 different brands of bottle water contained some contaminants that were well above legal limits established for public tap water.   The researchers found a total of 38 contaminants, some cancer causing, across 10 brands purchased from different regions in the United States. This equated […]

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Smoking Increases Risk of Major Depression in Women

As if there were not already enough evidence and reasons to avoid tobacco products, a recent study* revealed that cigarette smoking increased the chance of Major Depression Disorder (MDD) in women.  Researchers compared cigarette use in 165 persons with MDD with over 800 persons without MDD in a case-controlled and retrospective design (uses accumulated data/records) […]

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Type 2 Diabetes: Weight Loss After Diagnosis Improves Long-Term Health Outcomes

Kaiser Permanente is a progressive not-for-profit health plan provider and one of the initial advocates of behavioral health integration into overall primary medical care.  Newly published research* suggests that people who lose weight immediately following Type 2 Diabetes, “insulin resistance,” diagnosis realize improved health outcomes, such as reaching blood pressure and blood sugar goals.  Another […]

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