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Reading The Look Of Love

How fast you can judge whether a person of the opposite sex is looking at you depends on how masculine or feminine they look, according to a new study. The researchers speculate that there may be an evolutionary advantage to quickly noticing when a good looking person looks at you. The research is published in […]

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Amina Alio

Involvement By Father In Pregnancy Could Reduce Infant Mortality

Studies have shown fathers who are active in their children’s upbringing can significantly benefit their children’s early development, academic achievement and well being.  Now, a new study by University of South Florida researchers suggests that a father’s involvement before his child is born may play an important role in preventing death during the first year […]

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Apologies May Fuel Settlement Of Legal Disputes

Apologies may be good for more than just the soul, according to research by a University of Illinois professor of law and of psychology. Jennifer Robbennolt says her studies show that apologies can potentially help resolve legal disputes ranging from injury cases to wrongful firings, giving wounded parties a sense of justice and satisfaction that […]

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Brother and Sister

At-Risk Children Who Can Self-Regulate Behavior Have Higher Test Scores Than Their Peers

A study that will be published in a forthcoming journal adds to the mounting evidence that self-regulation – or children’s ability to control their behavior and impulses – is directly related to academic performance. A key finding in that study shows that at-risk children who can self-regulate have higher reading, math and vocabulary achievement. (read […]

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