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Potential QEEG Markers of Childhood Stuttering And Their Implications for Neurofeedback

Researchers compared the quantitative EEGs (QEEG) of 26 children with a history of stuttering to 21 age matched controls with no stuttering and may have identified important “EEG markers” of pediatric stuttering*. The authors’ epidemiological review of pediatric stuttering finds that this disorder afflicts approximately 1% of prepubertal children typically between 2 to 7 years […]

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Children With Autism Significantly Benefit From Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Children who received 40 1-hour sessions of hyperbaric oxygen over 4 weeks realized significant improvements across a number of different outcomes measures, such as receptive language, social interaction, stereotyped behaviors, and hyperactivity. Readers may be somewhat surprised to see a review of hyperbaric oxygen on this website. Obviously, this type of treatment does not fall […]

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The Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Virus Vaccine Is Not Associated with the Development of Autism with Gastrointestinal Problems

Researchers* claim to have finally ruled out that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine contributes to the development of Autism in children with secondary gastrointestinal (GI) problems. Hornig et al. detail how a study in 1998 found GI abnormalities in children with Autism combined with parental reports of child behavioral problems following the MMR […]

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Excellent Free Resource: “Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens – A Parent’s Guide” E-Book

Children and teens who are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder often face significant life style adjustments not only for themselves, but for family and friends around them. Medication management, psychological treatments, and other behavioral modifications can be intimidating, frustrating, and difficult to adapt too. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recently released a free evidence based […]

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migraine headache

Biofeedback May Be An Effective Treatment For Migraine Headache

Migraine headache afflicts 18% of women and 7% of men in the United States*. A recent meta-analysis* found that various forms of biofeedback may be an effective treatment for migraine headache. The primary peripheral biofeedback modalities under investigation included electromyography (EMG), skin temperature (TEMP), and heart rate variability (HRV) [referred to as blood-volume-pulse feedback in […]

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NIH Provides $60 Million For Autism Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) News service recently announced in a press release* that approximately $60 million will be committed to future Autism research. Funds are being received through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The grants will be issued under the name, “Research to Address the Heterogeneity in Autism Spectrum Disorders,” to […]

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A Novel and Potentially Groundbreaking Viral Theory of Autism and Schizophrenia

Roulette William Smith, Ph.D. details a potentially ground breaking theory that purports to unravel the mystery surrounding the underlying causative factors of autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and a host of other mental and physical illnesses in his paper entitled, “Inferring an Autovirulent Epigenetic Etiology for the Autism Spectrum and Schizophrenia*.” Dr. Smith’s theory originated from […]

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young women in group therapy

Group Therapy Improves Survival in Women With Breast Cancer

In a long term follow up (median = 11 years) study, researchers* report that women with breast cancer who received group therapy (i.e., psychological treatment in a group format) versus those in an assessment only group (n = 227) experienced statistically significant improvements life expectancy 11 years after diagnosis. Group therapy consisted of 8-12 participants […]

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