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Statistics Books

bonate_pretest_posttest_book Analysis of Pretest-Posttest Designs

This premier book for pretest/posttest experimental research designs and for the various appropriate and available statistics. Parametric and non-parametric suggestions are given. Also includes 1 chapter designed to help researchers select the proper statistics for their specific experimental design.

beyond_significance_testing_book Beyond Significance Testing: Reforming Data Analysis Methods in Behavioral Research

A timely book that explains the problems with traditional null hypothesis testing. Other topics include suggestions to improve statistical methods and data reporting, parametric and non-parametric effect size, replication, meta-analysis, and Bayesian statistics. An excellent companion to any statistics textbook.

fundamentals_modern_statistics_book Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Methods: Substantially Improving Power and Accuracy

Describes the problems with classic statistics and advocates the use of robust statistics and other techniques, such as bootstrapping. An essential companion to any any statistics textbook.

handbook_of_statistics Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures

The ultimate statistics reference book with coverage of over 160 statistical techniques that spans over 1700 pages. Intended for graduate level students and professional researchers and clinicians.

medical_biostatistics_book Medical Biostatistics, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/Crc Biostatistics Series)

The author assumes very little background in stats and starts with the basics and builds from there with a focus on statistical concepts instead of math formulas. A wide range of modern statistical techniques and issues are covered. Though written specifically for medical researchers, much of the information applies equally well to psychological experimental designs. A very handy book for any graduate level stats course!

statistical_methods_book Statistical Methods for Psychology

This was my assigned graduate level statistics textbook. This book is the intended to build core statistical knowledge. Univariate and multivariate statistical methods are covered. Complex topics are explained fairly well, though statistics can just be a difficult subject no matter the presentation!

essence_of_multivariate_thinking_book The Essence of Multivariate Thinking: Basic Themes and Methods (Multivariate Applications Book)

Multivariate statistics can be extremely complicated. Harlow provides an excellent overview of the proper use and interpretation of commonly used multivariate statistics with an emphasis on concepts rather than formulas. Includes a free CD with overviews of each chapter presented in the book.

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