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child on a bike

Urban Children Are Healthier Commuters Than Rural Teens, Surprising Trend

The children most likely to walk or cycle to school live in urban areas with a single parent and in an economically disadvantaged home, according to survey results that were published in Pediatrics today by Dr. Roman Pabayo of the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre and the university’s Department of Social and preventive medicine. Pabayo’s […]

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a man jogging outside

Brisk Walking May Delay Or Prevent Progression Of Prostate Cancer

Men with prostate cancer can improve their outcomes if they walk briskly for at least three hours a week following their diagnosis, according to a recent study in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “It appears that men who walk briskly after their diagnosis may delay or even prevent progression of […]

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participants walking on the treadmill

Low Intensity Treadmill Exercise Improves Walking In Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore VA Medical Center found that Parkinson’s patients who walked on a treadmill at a comfortable speed for a longer duration (low-intensity exercise) improved their walking more than patients who walked for less time but at an increased speed and incline (high-intensity exercise). The […]

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a doctor performing surgery

Neurosurgical Operation Helps Patients With Hydrocephalus-Related Dementia Improve Memory And Physical Activity

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital are the first in the world to show that an operation can help patients with dementia caused by white matter changes and hydrocephalus (see definition below for more information). Presented in the American Journal of Neurosurgery, the results are based on the world’s first study […]

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