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These are eLORETA images of sources of alpha EEG during TM compared to eyes-closed rest in the default mode network (the white areas).  Credit: Cognitive Processing, Volume 11 (2010), Issue 1

A New EEG Study Finds That Transcendental Meditation Activates The Default Mode Network Of The Brain

A new EEG study conducted on college students at American University found they could more highly activate the default mode network, a suggested natural “ground state” of the brain, during their practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. This three-month randomized control study is published in a special issue of Cognitive Processing dedicated to the […]

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A Brief History of Transcendental Meditation (Wild Divine)

The good folks over at Wild Divine recently posted “A Brief History of Transcendental Meditation” and gave us permission to republish the article. I thought our valued readers might appreciate additional coverage of meditative techniques given the popularity of the recent Integrative Body-Mind Training, Nature Exposure, and Mindfulness: A Review of Attention State Training Techniques […]

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