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Behavioral Therapy Can Limit Tics In Adults With Tourette Syndrome

A comprehensive behavioral intervention is more effective than supportive therapy and education in helping adults control the tics associated with Tourette syndrome, according to an NIMH-funded study published in the August 2012 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry. The study follows a previous study involving children with the disorder, which showed similar results.

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Researcher Chi-Hung Juan

Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Helps To Curb Impulsivity

Inhibitory control can be boosted with a mild form of brain stimulation, according to a study published in the June 2011 issue of Neuroimage, Elsevier’s Journal of Brain Function. The study’s findings indicate that non-invasive intervention can greatly improve patients’ inhibitory control. Conducted by a research team led by Dr. Chi-Hung Juan of the Institute […]

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Researcher Marc Lavoie, PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) May Treat Tourette Syndrome Tics As Effective As Or Even Superior To Medication

The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat tics in Tourette syndrome may be as effective as and even superior to medication in certain cases. According to a new study published in a special edition of the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy by researchers from the Fernand-Seguin Research Centre of the Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital affiliated […]

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fMRI of the brain

Behavioral Therapy (“Brain Training”) Improves Symptoms Of Tourette Syndrome In Brain Imaging Study

Children with Tourette syndrome could benefit from behavioral therapy to reduce their symptoms, according to a new brain imaging study. Researchers at The University of Nottingham discovered that the brains of children with Tourette syndrome (TS) develop in a unique way, which could suggest new methods of treating the condition. The publisher made the full-text, […]

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Director Robert Spetzler

Deep Brain Stimulation Research Expands At St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center’s Barrow Neurological Institute has received a $10.1 million donation. This is the largest single gift in the organization’s history and one of the biggest ever given to any Arizona hospital. The one-time cash donation from philanthropist Marian H. Rochelle to St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix will be […]

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a student working on homework

Attention Problems in Children With Tourette Syndrome May Be Caused By Co-Occurring ADHD

Co-occurring attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at the root of attention problems in children with Tourette syndrome (TS), according to NIMH-funded researchers. Their findings also support the theory that children with TS develop different patterns of brain activity in order to function at the same level as children without TS. The study was published […]

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Researcher Jeffrey Lazarus MD

Children And Adolescents With Tourette Syndrome Find Relief With Self-Hypnosis

A new study of children and adolescents with Tourette Syndrome finds that self-hypnosis taught with the aid of videotape training reduced their symptoms and improved their quality of life. The authors, Jeffrey Lazarus, M.D., and Susan K. Klein, M.D., Ph.D., were with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and the Case Western Reserve University […]

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Depressed Girl

Anxiety/Panic Disorder Most Frequent Comorbid Disorder In Tourette Syndrome

An assessment of patients with adult Tourette syndrome to identify clinical factors that contribute to psychosocial and occupational disabilities resulting from the vocal or motor tics that define Tourette syndrome found that anxiety/panic disorder may be the most disabling psychiatric condition associated with the disorder. Results were recently presented at the 14th International Congress on […]

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