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2004 Texas quarter

Texas Judge Upholds The Doctoral Degree For Independent Practice Of Psychology

Today, Judge Rhonda Hurley in Travis County District Court, Austin, Texas, upheld the ruling that the entry level to independent practice of psychology in Texas is the doctoral degree. Judge Hurley ruled that the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) has the authority to regulate the practice of Licensed Psychological Associates LPAs) through […]

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Alan Fisher, PhD

A Brief Historical Review Of The Current Debate Over The Title, “Psychologist,” With Suggestions For Compromise

This current article is a commentary (with an additional call for compromise) on recent articles by the Texas Psychological Association (TPA), “Texas Psychologists Under Attack” and National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), “NASP Argues Proposed Rule Change Does Not ‘Attack’ Psychologists”. I originally intended to post these thoughts in the comment sections of one or […]

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2004 Texas quarter

NASP Argues Proposed Rule Change Does Not “Attack” Psychologists

I am writing in response to a recent post, “Texas Psychologists Under Attack.” As President of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), I appreciate the opportunity provided by The Behavioral Medicine Report editor to correct misrepresentations in that post, which was a reprint of an e-mail sent to the members of the Texas Psychological […]

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a Texas quarter

Texas Psychologists Under Attack

David White, CAE, Executive Director of the Texas Psychological Association (TPA), released an urgent announcement to its members today. Mr. White explains that master’s level professionals in school psychology seek the use the legally protected title of “Psychologist,” which is reserved for those with a doctoral degree. This announcement includes brief background coverage of this […]

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Texas Association Of Psychological Associates (TAPA) Seeks Independent Practice For Licensed Psychological Associates (LPA)

In a potential major and controversial development for Texas psychology and those who hold a Master’s degree in psychology, Texas Association Of Psychological Associates (TAPA) announced their intention to seek, and file a lawsuit if necessary, independent practice status for Licensed Psychological Associates (LPAs). LPA is a Texas licensure designation that requires a Master’s degree […]

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